MAGNASPHERE’s New L1.5 Series High Security Contact Receives UL634 Level 1 Listing

In response to market demand for an improved High Security contact for use with Safes, Vaults, SCIF and other High Level Security Applications at a cost competitive with old technology triple balanced BMS devices, Magnasphere is pleased to introduce the L1.5 series High Security Switch.

Important Improvements and Features Include:
  •     American - Made with Magnasphere® switch technology
  •     Tested to the 9th edition UL634 Level 1 criteria – not “Grandfathered”
  •     Every L1.5 has Dual alarm contacts – can do both IDS and ACS with a single unit
  •     Reduced Installation Time and Cost
  •     No field adjustment
  •     Solid color lead wires
  •     Integrated removal/pry tamper (no back plates)
  •     Two hole mounting
  •     No brackets needed for most out swing door installations
  •     Low profile 1”X1”X1”
  •     Low Cost
Contact Magnasphere for ordering information.


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