Macronix Receives 2012 CommonWealth Magazine Corporate Citizen Awards

Macronix International Co., Ltd. has been granted one of the "2012 Top 10 Corporate Citizen Awards" in large enterprises category by CommonWealth Magazine for the third consecutive year. It is yet another honor in recognition of Macronix's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) following the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards it received from Global Views Monthly back in May this year.

Receiving the award on behalf of the company, Macronix Chairman and CEO Miin Wu expressed his appreciation for the screening committee's recognition and encouragement. In his acceptance speech, Wu noted, "Macronix is committed to corporate social responsibility because of one important belief: 'All men are created equal.' Therefore every employee is an asset and should be treated appropriately. Additionally, whenever the company takes on an initiative of R&D or public service project, it always considers the long-term effects it may have. As Taiwan is competing with other big nations across the globe, it needs to be equipped with technological and technical strengths, and only through innovation can we create value and competitiveness. We're happy the Patent Board evaluated 240 worldwide leading semiconductor firms in 2011, with Macronix ranking number 18 in terms of patent strength and number 11 in scientific strength. These results also make Macronix the number one company in Taiwan in related rankings."

Macronix was the first semiconductor company in the Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) to obtain Social Accountability International Standard (SA 8000) certification. In 2012, Macronix's report, "Enterprise and Social Accountability," written in accordance with international standards set by Global Reporting Initiative, Sustainability Guidelines Version 3.1 at an applied level of A+, and the Accountability 1000 Assurance Standard, has also been certified by the SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.), making it a CSR report with two international certifications.

The CommonWealth Magazine Corporate Citizen Award also placed the spotlight on Macronix for its environmental protection and outstanding citizen participation. Macronix advocates eco-friendly enterprises and was the first firm within the Hsinchu Science Park to complete a thorough greenhouse gas inspection. It also aims to reach high standards with water conservation, carbon emission reduction, production improvement, office conservation and ecological protection. Moreover, in terms of promoting science education, the Macronix Education Foundation has been holding the Macronix Golden Silicon Awards and the Macronix Science Awards for the past twelve years. More than 17,000 teachers and students have competed for these awards and Macronix has granted scholarships of more than NT$74 million. It has inspired students of Taiwan to explore the spirit of science and the potential of creating and inventing.

Macronix is also dedicated to creating a happy work environment. It has repeatedly received the Executive Yuan's "Awards for Contribution to Creating Job Opportunities" and the company has been included in the CSR-based Taiwan Employment Creation 99 Index by the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Since last year, the Company has created plans in order to provide both a joyful and healthy working environment, such as: the "H20 Corporate Health Oxygen Plan," where "H2O" stands for “Health, Happiness and Openness to Life"; "Sports Year One"; "Healthy Weight-loss Class"; "Stress-releasing Massage Leave"; "Toll-free 0800 Counseling Hotline"; and "Intra Portal for Employee Relations."

Furthermore, Macronix maintains a high standard of management, a focus on core business operations, and is proactive on strengthening the operation functions of its Board of Directors.


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