Logic PD to Present at Battery Power 2012

Battery-powered product design continues to gain interest as developers work to meet consumer demand for smaller, more powerful devices. Logic PD’s principal engineer, Curt McNamara will present, “Best Practices for Battery-Powered Product Design,” at the Battery Power 2012 Conference being held September 18 – 19 in Denver. McNamara will speak at 8:45 a.m. on September 19.

His presentation will include several considerations, from power source to conversion to usage to recharging. According to McNamara, decision makers must determine the essential investigations, tools and options to achieve an optimal configuration. Each design requires engineers to develop a power budget, assess trade-offs in compute efficiency versus power consumption, manage power as a performance metric, and choose an appropriate power source for the application. McNamara will explore the best practices for battery-powered product design.

Logic PD’s team of engineers are dedicated to researching and developing new technology to address the need for reduced power consumption. Last week, Logic PD announced it had made a significant advancement toward meeting the demand for instant-on devices. The company developed proprietary software that enables Logic PD’s System on Module (SOM) customers to reduce the boot time required for battery-powered devices to less than one second. Logic PD’s Torpedo SOM encapsulates the most complex design components on a dime-sized board and offers high performance and the lowest power consumption available today. In August it was named a Top Embedded Innovation by Embedded Computing Design magazine.


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