Loctite expands leadership in health and safety

Henkel’s Loctite brand will be expanding its health and safety range in mid October with not just one but three innovative anaerobic products at once. The retaining adhesive Loctite 6300 for cylindrical assemblies, gasketing product Loctite 5800, and the thread sealant Loctite 5400 all underscore Henkel’s leading role in combining technology with sustainability. The company is the only one to offer a complete portfolio of non-hazardous anaerobic adhesives.

Henkel already, and very successfully, introduced its first two anaerobics with a “white” material safety data sheet in 2009: the threadlockers Loctite 2400 and Loctite 2700. The three newly developed Loctite products also contain no hazardous ingredients. This means that according to the tough regulations of (EC) No. 1907/2006 – ISO 11014-1, they do not have to be labeled with any hazard symbols, risk or safety phrases. Nor do they contain any declarable CMRs (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive toxins). By expanding its Loctite range in this way, Henkel is offering its customers an even greater choice of innovative health and safety solutions.

Innovations for enhanced health and safety
Henkel has committed to making contributions to sustainable development with every new product. “When developing products for the industrial adhesives segment, our main focus in this area is health and safety at work,” explains Grita Berendt, product manager for Loctite brand anaerobic adhesives and sealants. “Because for us at Henkel, first-class product performance also includes responsibility for the health and safety of our customers.”

The decisive aspect here is eliminating hazardous ingredients without compromising on product performance. And the three new products therefore not only offer the outstanding Loctite performance that users know and trust, but also meet even the most stringent health and safety requirements. Henkel thus offers its customers a significant plus in added value, as this first complete range of anaerobic adhesives actively supports companies in their efforts to promote health and safety.

Versatile anaerobic adhesive systems
The non-hazardous Loctite products provide solutions with all the accustomed power and performance for many kinds of metal joining applications. The high-strength retaining product Loctite 6300 has a green fluorescent color, a viscosity of 350 mPa and a shear strength of 20 N/mm². Loctite 5800, a thixotropic, medium-strength gasketing product, has a red fluorescent color, a viscosity of 150,000 mPa and a shear strength of 12 N/mm². The yellow fluorescent, medium-strength thread sealant Loctite 5400 is also thixotropic, has a viscosity of 27,000 mPa and a breakaway torque of 19 Nm.


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