KYOCERA Introduces New 8.4-inch “SVGA” TFT Liquid Crystal Display

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, LCD Division, today introduced its new 8.4-inch LCD Module with 170-degree viewing angle cone, onboard LED driver circuit, and LVDS interface.

The new LCD features SVGA (800 x 600 dot) format, long-life LED backlighting with low power consumption, typical operating life of 70,000 hours, and Super Wide View technology. It's ±85 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle can eliminate color inversion and fulfill the performance needs of industrial-use applications.

By utilizing the latest technology for LED chips and light guides, Kyocera's unique LED backlight system ensures lower power consumption; therefore, the LCD module itself generates less heat than conventional models, extending LED backlight life.  The integrated backlight driver also means no external components are required to drive the backlight.

In addition, the LVDS interface guarantees easy and simple operability.

With the high contrast ratio of Kyocera's Super Wide View technology, images can be viewed from all angles, even in direct sunlight.

Combined with these features is Kyocera's ability to provide reliable delivery and long-term supply, making this LCD ideal for industrial, transportation, and medical market applications.


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