KYOCERA Introduces Environmentally Friendly XKE-G5633 Epoxy Molding Compound for Semiconductor Encapsulation

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, Chemical Sales Division today announced the introduction of its new environmentally friendly XKE-G5633 Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC). This room-temperature EMC offers an extended shelf life of up to three months, thus improving the cost of operation for manufacturers.

Kyocera’s new XKE-G5633 Epoxy Molding Compound is ideal for encapsulating both ball-grid array (BGA) and land-grid array (LGA) semiconductor packages, offering the same high-quality encapsulation and connectivity as similar compounds that must be stored in a frozen state. Kyocera’s product, however, is stored at room temperature and ready for immediate use at all times, providing customers more flexibility in production planning and eliminating the downtime caused by traditional EMC thawing.

Kyocera is actively engaged in the development of environmentally friendly products and strives to reduce the use of environmentally harmful materials and processes in the industries it supports.

With an extended shelf-life of three months at room temperature, Kyocera’s XKE-G5633 will help customers prevent material losses due to the significantly shorter shelf life of typical EMC products. Kyocera’s XKE-G5633 product is now available in both sample and bulk delivery options.


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