Keil ULINKpro Debug and Trace Unit

Keil announce the release of the ULINKpro Debug and Trace Unit, which introduces support for ETM InstructionTrace on Cortex™-M3 microcontroller devices.

ULINKpro, together with MDK-ARM, provides extended on-the-fly debug capabilities for all Cortex-M devices. Users are able to control the processor, set breakpoints, and read/write memory contents, all while the processor is running at full speed. High-Speed data and instruction trace are streamed directly to the PC enabling users to analyze real-time program behaviour for virtually unlimited periods of time.

With the introduction of ETM Instruction Trace, ULINKpro enables users to examine which instructions were executed, processor memory accesses, and the actual application program flow. These are essential in debugging complex applications or measuring program code coverage during validation.

ULINKpro supports all ARM7™, ARM9™, and Cortex-M processor-based devices with JTAG speeds of up to 50MHz, and CPU clocks up to 200MHz.

ULINKpro is fully supported in the Keil MDK-ARM v4.02 or later. MDK-ARM features the industry-standard RealView compiler, the Keil µVision4 IDE, and sophisticated debug and trace capabilities, including a Logic Analyzer, Performance Analyzer and Code Coverage tools.


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