Keil extends comprehensive support for Freescale Kinetis.

Keil has extended its support for the Freescale Kinetis device families with the introduction of a low-cost, Kinetis only version of the popular MDK-ARM tool kit and a Kinetis Tower starter kit.

MDK-ARM Freescale Edition has been developed together with Freescale and supports all Kinetis K10, K20, K30, K40, K50, and K60 devices. It includes Kinetis set-up files, device-specific views, and will support the Freescale MQX Software solution which includes RTOS, TCP/IP, and USB stacks.

MDK-Freescale features the industry-standard ARM C/C++ compiler, the Keil ┬ÁVision4 IDE, and sophisticated analysis tools, it provides users with a low-cost entry to developing with Kinetis devices without sacrificing performance or functionality.

The Keil MCBTWRK60 Starter kit features the Freescale K60 Tower system, ULINK-ME debug adapter, and examples which enable users to create and test working programs based on the Kinetis devices. It features a Kinetis K60 MCU with 512KB Flash, Ethernet, USB, Serial, CAN, and SD Card interfaces.


The MDK-Freescale and MCBTWRK60 are available during June, 2011 from Keil and our distribution partners.


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