Henkel once again premium official supplier of the Dakar Rally 2012

For the eighth time in a row, Henkel will sponsor the Dakar Rally which takes place January 1 to 15, 2012 in Argentina, Chile and Peru. Loctite and Teroson adhesives and sealants will be used to quickly repair any off-road vehicle, truck or motorbike that has been damaged during the 9,000 kilometres race. To support the racing teams and to ensure that the Loctite and Teroson specialised products are used in the most effective manner, a highly skilled Henkel technical team – so called “Loctite Charlies” – will accompany the rally from the start to the podium in Lima, Peru.

The Dakar Rally is the ideal platform for Henkel to strengthen its brand image as the off-road automobile race is the most extreme testing ground in the world. By demonstrating for the last eight years the ability to withstand the harsh conditions of searing heat and desert dust, Loctite and Teroson adhesives and sealants have become a reliable quality reference for all car manufacturers and mechanics around the globe.


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