Henkel develops reworkable underfill

In today’s electronic devices such as smartphones there are numerous complex engineering components. Expanding on its portfolio of advanced underfill materials, Henkel has developed Loctite UF3810, a new underfill technology that provides extremely high reliability while also enabling easier reworkability as compared to previous generation products. Ideally suited for today’s handheld communication and entertainment applications, Loctite UF3810 delivers excellent drop and shock protection.

Designed to deliver superior performance and ease-of-use, Loctite UF3810 addresses many of the complex requirements associated with today’s high value devices, but does so in a formulation that has excellent processability. The material is halogen-free, completely reworkable and has a high glass transition (Tg) temperature of 100°C, thereby delivering robust thermal cycling reliability for next-generation wafer-level CSP (WLCSP) and PoP devices. “Assembly specialists want to reliably protect these devices but also have the option to rework them should any issues arise”, explains Dr. Brian Toleno, Henkel’s Global Product Manager for Liquids. “Loctite UF3810 provides high reliability and reworkability – a balance not readily available with traditional, low Tg formulas”, says Toleno.

High-capacity at a cost-saving production process

With increasing device complexity comes increasing cost. Loctite UF3810 is the go-to product for manufacturers seeking high reliability in a cost-conscious formulation and improved thermal cycling reliability for fine-pitch (0.5mm pitch and below) area array devices. In addition to superior performance versus alternative reworkable underfills, Loctite UF3810 also provides ease-of-use that lends to its process flexibility. The material flows fast and underfills at room temperature and cures quickly at a moderate 130°C which, in addition to its halogen-free status, adds to the material’s sustainability through reduced energy consumption requirements.

These characteristics, in combination with its proven solder compatibility, make Loctite UF3810 a highly versatile, yet highly effective underfill system Besides the handheld market other industries can also profit from Henkel’s products. “Loctite UF3810 has also attracted the attention of those in the aerospace and automotive sectors, as it allows incorporation of CSP and PoP devices without any adverse impact to reliability,“ Toleno closes.


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