Han® X-TEC circular connector

With the new series of connectors, Han® X-TEC, HARTING supplies the customized solution for all drives, such as those used in machine tool or in automation. These environments demand small and compact interfaces. Servomotors in particular are often fitted with compact M 23 circular connectors. HARTING supplies the Han® X-TEC 23 in this size and Han® X-TEC 32 in the M 32 size. The particular features of both sizes are a new type of rapid locking of cable connectors and receptacles. Simply by rotating the black locking ring through 70°, the whole connector is locked, easily and securely, thereby providing protection against dust and water (IP 67).

In order to cover all of the many and varied requirements associated with drives, HARTING supplies different power and signal connectors for the two sizes Han® X-TEC 23 and 32. A broad portfolio of housing designs and sizes provides solutions for almost any application. For example, as well as robust metal connectors, light plastic connectors are also available. To make selection easier, connectors are supplied as a set comprising insert, housing and cable glands for the cable connectors.

As well as connectors, complete system cables will also be available in future, both in standard versions and customized versions for particular applications. This means that with Han® X-TEC, HARTING provides a complete, one-source solution for drive installation and many other components in the field of machine tool and automation.


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