Han® Q 2/0 Crimp and Han® Q 2/0 Crimp High Voltage - Greatest Potential in the Smallest Space

Proven mating face and high voltage potential with new termination technology – the Han® Q 2/0 from HARTING will also be available with crimp termination in the future. It draws on the proven Han® C power contacts in the cross-section range from 1.5 mm2 to 10 mm2 or 16 AWG to 8 AWG. The performance data of the connector, which is already in use in the axial screw version as a true "Power" interface in the widest range of industrial areas such as drive and automotive engineering and railroad technology, remain unchanged in the crimp version. The standard version, with a rated voltage of 400 V at a nominal current of 40 A is the entry model, while the connector's "high voltage" version offers a rated voltage of 830 V to satisfy the more demanding applications.

In keeping with proven HARTING tradition, the connector pairs are naturally plug-compatible, in spite of the different termination technology. This makes combinations such as a male insert with crimp contacts on the device side and a female insert with axial screw contacts on the cable side easily possible. Users also have the full range of options available for the connector assembly, from efficient processing of the contacts with an automatic crimping tool to field installation with a simple hexagonal wrench.

Like the axial screw version, the "crimp" also provides the safety of finger protected contacts and the certainty of 16 coding options for avoiding confusion with other positioned interfaces. And all this in size 3 A, the smallest and most compact size that HARTING offers in housings with up to IP 67 protection.


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