Han® HV single module

For the Han-Modular® series from the HARTING technology group, a new Han® HV single module is now available, intended from the start for the highest electrical requirements.

A special feature is transmission of extremely high voltages with a minimum space requirement. One of the ways in which this is achieved is through the use of contact points made of TEFLON®, a particularly voltage-proof material. A Han® 24 B connector, for example, can be designed with up to 12 power contacts with 16 A and 2500 V. The module can also be combined with signal and pneumatic modules.

Technical details:
  •     high working voltage of 2500 V
  •     space-saving design with 2 power contacts per module
  •     conductor cross sections of between 0.14 and 4 mm²
  •     crimp terminal technology
The Han-Modular® series, as an open connector system, is capable of especially flexible adjustment to the user's individual requirements. It gives the user the freedom to assemble his ‘own personal’ connector in the desired configuration. The range of more than 40 modules for electrical, optical and gaseous signals is being continually expanded, enabling more and more new configurations.


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