Han® 24 HPR EasyCon

HARTING is fielding the new Han® 24 HPR EasyCon, a connector that optimally satisfies the tough requirements of engine applications in railroad technology. Today, almost all industrial branches require simple, swift and certain connector assembly as a matter of course. There is a growing trend in the railroad technology sector towards pluggable engine applications, and of course the same tough requirements.

The Han® 24 HPR EasyCon is based on the size 24 B Han® HPR series housings. But unlike these, it essentially comprises a two-piece surface mounted housing and hood. Dividing the housing into an assembly cover and a housing body results in an "open" system, which considerably simplifies the assembly while offering substantial advantages, particularly for shielded cables. The Han® 24 HPR EasyCon allows a secure and above all visible assembly of the cable's shield braid thanks to a newly developed cable clamp. The Han® HC Modular 350 high current contacts are used to handle the actual power transmission.

The Han® 24 HPR EasyCon offers a robust and compact design with a large wiring space, a requirement most notably demanded in the rail sector. It provides customers with secure, convenient and swift connection of the contacts and shielding, resulting in reduced time and costs for the installation process.


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