Flexible Mechanical Encoder Series Offers Over 1000 Configurations

CUI Inc announces the release of a line of flexible mechanical encoders that can be configured into over 1,000 different versions. The 2-bit quadrature ACZ series is available in three sizes: 11 mm (ACZ11), 12 mm (ACZ12), and 16 mm (ACZ16). The encoders have a rotational life of up to 100,000 cycles and are rugged, utilizing metal material where similar models would use plastic. This series is ideal in applications for audio, aircraft, medical, and test equipment.

Options for the ACZ series include detent, a push button, vertical or right angle mounting, and numerous shaft configurations. Resolutions available include 12, 15, 20, and 24 PPR. CUI is also able to customize rotational torque in order to meet a customer's exact tactile feel requirements. The ACZ series is available now through Digi-Key and starts at under $2.10 per unit. For OEM quantities please contact CUI directly.


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