DIN 41612 type 3C crimp female connector with housing – even more compact, but just as robust as ever

HARTING is now also offering a cable connector for the DIN 41612 3C and 3R types. This is ideal for smaller printed circuit boards or sub-assemblies, in particular, thanks to its space-saving design.Great emphasis was placed on easy usage during the design phase. Three possible outlet ports are available which can be opened up by simply breaking through the external walls as required. The locking levers are pre-injection molded. Subsequent assembly is not necessary. 

This reduces the number of (losable) individual components. The crimp contacts are available on rolls of 500 or 5,000 contacts for series production and as individual contacts for repair purposes. The crimping tool required comes as a hand crimping tool, a semi-automatic device or a fully automatic device, depending on the unit volume and level of automation. Strain relief is ensured by a cable tie which protects the cable and attaches it directly to the housing. Straight and right-angled male connectors, which snap into the shell housing, are available as mating plugs. The new connector offers the same robustness as its “big sisters” in the full and half sizes which many users value highly.


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