DIN 41 612 type 2C / 2R crimp female connector with a shell housing

HARTING expands the DIN 41 612 product range with a new DIN 41 612 type 2C / 2R crimp female connector with a shell housing.

Tested according to IEC 60 603-2, the connector can be populated with up to 48 contacts. Due to its space-saving half size, the connector is ideal for more compact PCB’s or assemblies.

Special consideration was given in the design to incorporate features that simplify cable assembly processes. The hood features three different cable entry options with predetermined breaking points, which can be easily opened according to customer preference. The locking levers are molded into the top half of the shell housing, avoiding the need to fit separate levers. The pre-molded design offers the additional benefit of fewer individual piece parts, thereby reducing the risk of lost components.

Secure and reliable strain relief is realized with a cable tie that fixes the cable to the shell housing.

The compatible crimp contacts are available on reels with 500 or 5.000 contacts for series production or as single contacts for repair and maintenance. The appropriate crimp tools are available as a hand tool, a semi automatic or a fully automatic tool depending upon quantities and degrees of automation.

The new DIN 41 612 type 2C / 2R crimp female connector mates with straight or angled male connectors as well as with shrouds. The shell housing or the female connector can be fastened with screws or locking levers. The new connector demonstrates the same highly valued robustness as the full-sized sister types.


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