CUI Releases New Digital DC-DC POL Module Series

CUI Inc’s power line, V-Infinity, announced the release of two digital non-isolated DC-DC Point of Load (POL) modules. The new Novum series has been developed for designers to realize better energy efficiencies and improved time to market compared to the traditional analog approach. Offered in 12 A and 25 A configurations, the NDM1-12-12 and NDM1-25-12 models are digital devices that have full monitoring, programming, and configuring capabilities. These uniquely digital attributes provide superior functionality and support current monitoring, temperature sensing, voltage margining, and voltage sequencing.

The Novum series utilizes Powervation’s patented Auto-control™ technology which will allow the new modules to ensure stability and improve transient responsiveness. Both modules operate off a wide input voltage range of 8.5 V to 14 V and can be programmed to support output voltages between 0.6 V and 2.5 V. Programming is handled through a SMBus serial interface and the Novum modules utilize industry standard PMBus commands for communicating with other devices.

The NDM1-12-12 efficiency is up to 95% in a compact DIP package measuring 0.5” x 0.925” x 0.46“. Power fault management includes over temperature, over current, and over voltage protections. The NDM1-12-12 is available through Digi-Key and start at $17.91 per unit at 500 pieces. Contact CUI directly for OEM pricing. Demonstration kits are also available through Digi-Key for $149. The kits will include 12 A and 25 A module demonstration boards and provide access to the V-Infinity user friendly GUI.


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