CUI Announces Development of Digital POL Modules

CUI Inc’s power division V-Infinity announces that it is developing a line of digital point-of-load (POL) modules that will utilize Powervation’s digital power-conversion ICs. The new Novum series will be focused on providing complete, easy-to-use solutions to make digital power accessible to a wide array of users. The modules will combine high power density in a compact footprint and offer a wide array of digital control and power management functions. It will utilize Powervation’s patented Auto-control ™ technology which will allow the new modules to work in real time ensuring stability and improved transient responsiveness.

The Novum modules will operate off a 12 V nominal input and come in 12 A and 25 A configurations. Output voltages will be programmable and will utilize standard PMBus commands for configuring and monitoring. A wide array of digital power control functions will be supported including current monitoring, temp sensing, margining and voltage sequencing. The Novum series is being developed for a board design engineer to realize better energy efficiencies and improved time to market compared to the traditional analog approach through design flexibility and system optimization.

“The Novum series will be the first in a line of fully licensed digital products designed to meet the growing customer trend towards digital power,” stated Jeff Schnabel, CUI’s VP of Marketing. “We are excited about entering a market with products that will be able to take full advantage of the benefits of digital power in a platform that is simple for the designer to implement in their system.” Novum series samples will be available for select OEM customers in Q4.


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