CUI Adds Multi-Blade Adapters to Their Level V Line-Up

CUI Inc's power line, V-Infinity, announced a further expansion to their line-up of high efficiency external power adapters. CUI’s latest release includes 6 W, 18 W, 30 W and 40 W multi-blade wall adapters. All meet Level V efficiency standards and exceed the current US EISA 2007 efficiency regulations. Offered in a wide range of output voltages, these high efficiency adapters are a continuation of the company’s strategy to offer a full line-up of Level V products.

The flexible EMSA multi-blade adapter series is designed for global use and comes standard with custom plugs for different countries. The series also includes corresponding safety agency approvals for each region. The competitively priced 18 W EMSA series includes plugs for the US, Europe, UK, Australia, and China, and is ideal for customers trying to offer a general purpose wall adapter suitable for use around the world.
All multi-blade series adapters operate off a universal input (90-264 Vac) and include short-circuit and over-voltage protections. With typical efficiencies up to 87%, CUI’s Level V products are ideal where power consumption is a concern.

“With this latest release of level V external power adapters, CUI now offers an expansive array of wall, multi-blade, and desktop external adapters to meet the increasing demand for green solutions,” stated Kraig Kawada, CUI’s V-Infinity Product Manager. The EMSA series is available through Digi-Key with prices starting at $10.695 per unit at 500 pieces. Please contact CUI for OEM pricing.


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