10 Gigabit Ethernet applications

The demand for improved network components is rising rapidly with the constantly growing need for ever higher bandwidths. This fundamentally also concerns the cabling, whose development precedes that of the active network components by a wide measure. This is why HARTING has designed the next generation of flexible data cables, which guarantee transmission in accordance with the IEEE 802.3an 10 GBase-D Ethernet standard. 

The cables satisfy Category 6A according to IEC 6156-6 and are naturally furthermore enclosed in the proven industrial-grade cable sheaths. Both PVC and PUR sheaths are available. There are two types receivable with UL approval for the US and Canadian markets. There is a special Outdoor version available if the cable has to be laid outside. The new flexible data cables feature a highly shielded PiMF design (Pairs in Metal Foil) with the best EMC characteristics for reliable data transmission.

These and other features optimally predestine the HARTING cabling products for use in automation, as well as in machines and in systems. Naturally they can also be used for higher-level building infrastructures whenever there is a call for special features, such as robustness and chemical resistance. The AWG 26 wire is tested and released for all HARTING RJ45 products.


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