XIRIUM X conquers Burj Khalifa

For an event which took place on level 112 of Burj Khalifa, Neutrik customer Delta Sound used XIRIUM X as an audio link to the fiber system on the ground. From there another XIRIUM X line was set up to Burj Island. Delta Sound used XIRIUM X for the first time and was very impressed: Compared to laying the fiber cables (4 x 700 m) across one of Dubai‘s most public areas – which took five men a couple of days – XIRIUM X was up and running within 30 minutes. Further XIRIUM X systems provided easy setup for temporary audio links during build up and testing.

Liam McGrath, Technical Manager at Delta Sound, commented about his first experiences with XIRIUM X: “The sound was great. It passes full bandwidth audio so it is perfect for our applications. Once the links were up and running, they were rock solid, and we didn’t notice any degradation in quality or glitches at all, which was very reassuring. The system is very well thought out, and really does allow you to throw a transmitter and a receiver up and away you go, which is exactly what you need in a device like this.”


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