Digilent's PmodMAXSONAR features an effective detection range of 6" to 255"

Digilent's PmodMAXSONAR is an ultrasonic range detector that utilizes the MaxBotix® LV-MaxSonar®-EZ1™ sonar sensor to provide 1" resolution for distance sensing needs. This Pmod provides versatility by allowing data to be read via analog, pulse-width modulation, and serial communication. The PmodMAXSONAR uses a 6-pin connector that can communicate range data to the host board as an analog value, a pulse-width, or a 5-byte serial packet. Sensor data ranges from a minimum of 6" to a maximum of 254" with a resolution of 1 inch. Range data is acquired by the module sending thirteen 42 KHz beams of varying widths, allowing for more accurate detection. Under free-run operation, range readings can be taken every 50 milliseconds.

  • Effective detection range of 6" to 255"
  • 42 KHz sonar operation frequency
  • Readings every 50 milliseconds
  • Continuous measurement (free run) operation
  • 2.5 V to 5.5 V operating voltage range with 2 mA typical current draw
  • Three methods of obtaining data
    • 5-byte serial output
    • Analog output (VCC/512) V per inch
    • Pulse Width output, 147 µs per inch


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