Eaton's Powerful New Design Tool Simplifies National Electrical Code, Selective Coordination Compliance

Power management company Eaton launched the Selective Coordination Designer v1.0 tool for consultants and application engineers in the United States. With cutting-edge functionality, this new no-cost tool helps simplify the design process of selecting overcurrent protective devices in keeping with National Electrical Code® (NEC) requirements for selective coordination of systems that supply life safety loads and public safety, as well as for applications where up-time is important.
Eaton’s Selective Coordination Designer tool helps customers easily and quickly define a list of selective coordination solutions for each overcurrent protective device in their system. The new tool provides overcurrent protective device options that are compact and cost-effective.

“Eaton manufactures the broadest selection of products to meet NEC selective coordination requirements and provides industry-leading expertise to help customers maintain service continuity and enhance safety,” said Erik Barnes, marketing manager, Eaton. “With tools like our Selective Coordination Designer, engineers can select from today’s broad variety of overcurrent solutions and better address important safety, equipment protection, reliability and efficiency considerations.”

Typically, determining a selective coordination solution requires extensive research and can involve adjustments to the existing electrical system. Eaton simplifies the process of determining a solution with its desktop and mobile-friendly Selective Coordination Designer tool. Once engineers input system and device data, the tool provides a list of solution options for each device. The tool also estimates conductors, calculates fault current levels and verifies device conductor ranges.

While the Selective Coordination Designer tool helps engineers select various overcurrent protective devices that will selectively coordinate, it does not replace complete short-circuit and coordination studies. With one of the largest and most experienced teams of power system engineers in the industry, Eaton provides power system studies for specific recommendations. Eaton also manufactures assemblies designed to meet specific requirements.

Eaton develops and manufactures Bussmann series fusible circuit protection, power management and electrical safety products designed to provide innovative overcurrent and overvoltage solutions. These products serve customers in the industrial, commercial, alternative energy and other markets, and in mission-critical applications.


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