Loctite Scored Big at the Big Game

Loctite´s commercial at the Big Game was a big success. While the game established a new record with more than 28 million tweets, Henkel´s first ever TV commercial at the most-streamed sports event globally delivered peak performance in digital activation and social media engagement.

Henkel took this opportunity to send its brand message to North American consumers in a very special way, Loctite products create positive feelings of success! The TV commercial convinced viewers with top results. After the commercial aired, it immediately became the No.1 topic on Twitter and Facebook and “#Loctite” showed up as most trending topic worldwide on Twitter.

“We are very proud to be recognized for our bravery to pitch ourselves in with the big names of the marketing world,” states Susanne Cornelius, Corporate Vice President for the Consumers & Craftsmen business at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “The awareness we created for Loctite since we announced our participation in the Big Game is huge. We wanted people to talk about Loctite – and now they are. This will tremendously help achieve our mid-term goal, which is to significantly raise Loctite´s brand awareness in North America.”

The 30-second commerical aired during the 4th quarter of the game and built on the huge success of the current “Win At Glue” campaign launched in 2014. The spot created by Fallon, Minneapolis featured a very special group of people celebrating their success with Loctite by singing, dancing, and wearing fanny packs!


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