STEINEL announces a new high frequency fixture-integrated sensor module for commercial lighting control applications

Steinel’s new HFLUM2-WR is a fixture integrated occupancy sensor module that uses the company’s own High Frequency (HF) technology to turn lights on and off based on occupancy. The line voltage module (120/230/277VAC) installs in lighting fixtures, adding energy saving lighting control at each fixture location.

The HFLUM2’s HF technology works by emitting high frequency electromagnetic waves (5.8 GHz) into the controlled area. Movement in the area causes a change in the waves’ echo, resulting in occupancy detection. The module mounts in either a ceiling or wall lighting fixture and provides 360 degrees of coverage. For convenience, the reach is adjustable from 3.3 to 26 feet.

Unlike other sensors on the market, the HFLUM2-WR can detect motion through many materials, including glass and the lens of a lighting fixture, enabling it to be completely hidden from view. It is suited for a wide variety of interior spaces. Additionally, when mounted inside sealed and gasketed IP65 fixtures, it can be used for damp and wet locations.

The HFLUM2-WR contains a unique lamp seasoning feature which provides a simple method for burning in lamps as recommended by lamp manufacturers.


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