New compact valve from Norgren can take the pressure.

Compact size, low power consumption and an unrivalled operating pressure range are key benefits of the new Chipsol media separated (MS) valve from Norgren, an international market leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control technologies.

The Chipsol MS 2/2 valve, from Norgren subsidiary FAS, was developed in response to increased demand for compact MS products for both life science analysis and environmental monitoring applications. With a footprint of 8 by 21 mm, weighing just 4.6 grams and consuming only 0.5W of energy, it is ideal for systems requiring a small footprint and low heat generation. Applications range from acting as an isolation valve in portable devices such as gas chromatographs to dispensing and dosing functions where precision and repeatability are paramount to use as a shut-off valve in systems with limited space or heat management capacity

This versatile valve, available in a cartridge or sub-base mounted, can operate across a broad pressure range, from vacuum to 2.1 bar. Inlet and outlet volumes are 9 ┬Ál and it offers exceptional rinseability with virtually no unswept volume. Chipsol MS offers high flow rates, response times under 5 milliseconds and operating life exceeding 30 million cycles. It is manufactured in high-specification PEEK, with specifiers able to choose between FFPM elastomers for aggressive media like acids or bases, and USP Class VI EPDM for bio-compatibility requirements for sensitive samples or reagents.


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