Tuesday, December 22, 2015

TE Connectivity's SolderSleeve shield grounding terminators provide an environmentally sealed, insulated, and encapsulated solder connection for a variety of applications

TE Connectivity's SolderSleeve terminators are available in many styles. SolderSleeve splicing devices, which can be used to make sealed or unsealed splices, solder, insulate, encapsulate, and strain, relieve a wide range of wire sizes in a single step. SolderSleeve technology ensures high-quality electrical and mechanical performance time after time. Pre-measured solder and flux create repeatable, reliable terminations, reducing rejects and field failures. When the SolderSleeve device is heated the tubing shrinks and the solder preform melts to make a fully insulated, strain-relieved, protected solder connection.

  •     Transparent insulation sleeve provides encapsulation, inspectability, strain relief, and insulation
  •     Prefluxed solder preform provides a controlled soldering process
  •     One-piece design offers easy installation and lower installed cost
  •     Shield-to-ground termination
  •     In-line wire splices

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