Diodes' AH9246, AH9250, and AH9251 are integrated, yet small, simple, and flexible contactless switch solution options, for multiple applications

Diodes' AH9246, AH9250, and AH9251 are ultra-high- to medium-sensitivity, micropower, omnipolar, Hall-effect switch ICs, designed for portable and battery-powered consumer equipment, home appliances, and industrial applications.  Based on a single Hall plate and chopper-stabilized architecture, they provide reliable solutions over the whole operating range. This family of Hall-effect switches is optimized to operate over the supply range of 2.5 V to 5.5 V and incorporates a micropower sleep function to give an average supply current of only 8 μA. AH9246, AH9250, and AH9251 have push-pull output structures; therefore, an external pull-up resistor is not required. They are available in industry-standard SC59 and TO92S packages.

Features and Benefits
  • Omnipolar family with operating switch-point options and internal pull-up
    • Operates with either a north or south pole
    • Ultra-high-to medium-sensitivity with typical operating points: 18 G (AH9246), 40 G (AH9250) or 60 G (AH9251)
    • No external pull-up required;– minimal external components
  • Designed for portable and battery-powered equipment
    • Operates with either a north or south pole
    • Supply voltage designed for battery applications (2.5 V to 5.5 V)
    • Micropower operation with an average supply current of 8 µA at 3 V
  • High performance and reliability
    • Tight magnetic operating window (less magnetic threshold spread)
    • Chopper-stabilized design to provide minimal switch-point drift and superior temperature stability
    • Operating temperature range -40°C to +85°C
    • High ESD rating of 6 kV (AH9246) and 5 kV (AH9250 and AH9251)
  • Industry-standard packages
    • Industry-standard SC59 and TO92S
  • Consumer
  • Home appliances
  • Industrial contactless switches


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