ebm-papst offers innovative noise reducing air-intake grills for axial and centrifugal fans

The movement of air often goes hand-in-hand with noise generation, most noticeably with high-performance fans used in applications with limited or asymmetrical spacing around the fan inlet. ebm-papst offers a groundbreaking solution for lowering acoustic noise in both axial and centrifugal fans of many sizes. Called FlowGrid, these engineered air-intake grills can provide a substantial reduction in the overall noise spectrum. They are especially effective in reducing the low frequency blade-pass noise, which tends to be the most disturbing to the human ear.

With FlowGrid, ebm-papst is making a clear contribution to acoustic noise reduction: Less noise, proven by measurable results. Enjoy the sound of silence.

  • Reduced noise range
    • Lower noise level
    • Drastically reduced tonal noise
  • Maintaining efficiency
    • Air performance unaffected
    • No increase in input power
  • Compact design
    • Low space requirements
    • Less acoustic insulation work
  • Quick assembly
    • Through-holes for simple mounting
    • Customer-specific mounting on request
  • Effective environmental protection
    • Noise reduction as an important part of environmentally friendly operation
  • Robust design
    • Made from composite material
    • Available with fire protection class UL94-5VA


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