Thursday, December 17, 2015

Maintain your Competitive Edge with WAGO’s Analog Input Modules

WAGO is extending its line of analog input I/O to include compact, highly accurate modules with an excellent price/performance ratio.

At just 12 mm wide these controllers offer advanced capabilities in a very small profile. Benefits include:
  •     High density – 8 channel’s in a 12 mm footprint
  •     Modules are configurable by channel - maximizing system flexibility
  •     Highly accurate measurements
  •     Rapid conversion times increase the performance of specialty applications
  •     On-board diagnostic alarms help improve system reliability
  •     Compelling price/performance ratio
Available in three variants that read thermocouple, analog current, and analog voltage input, WAGO’s analog input modules, are ideal for applications including shipboard monitoring, industrial manufacturing and process plants.

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