EPSITRON® Electronic Circuit Breakers (787 Series)

Space-saving electronic circuit breakers provide reliable protection at a top price/performance ratio.

WAGO's 787 Series EPSITRON® Circuit Breakers offer both outstanding features and reliable protection against overload and short circuits. The individual circuit breakers have a switch-on capacity of 20,000 μF (787-86x) or 50,000 μF (787-166x) and higher, which is provided without having to increase the nominal current setting. Four-channel units with 1 - 6 A, 1 - 8 A and 1 - 10 A current ratings (787-86x), or two-, four- and eight-channel models with 0.5 - 6 A, 1 - 6 A and 2 - 10 A current ratings (787-166x) offer you the flexibility you need for setting the nominal current for your individual applications. The trip current can be set for each channel using a rotary switch, and some devices also feature active current limitation.

Space-saving design and wide range of applications

With a maximum width of 45 mm, WAGO's electronic circuit breakers feature high channel density, providing space-saving installation in the control cabinet. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including secondary-side fusing for long line lengths or small conductor cross sections. Machine and equipment manufacturers also frequently use electronic circuit breakers to reliably neutralize a ground fault in the control circuit within a defined time period according to EN 60204. Furthermore, they are often chosen over safety fuses for equipment protection on account of their high level of accuracy.

Benefits of electronic circuit breakers:
  •     Pluggable CAGE CLAMP® connection technology
  •     2-/4-/8-channel circuit breakers with adjustable trip current
  •     LED status indication & remote control signals
  •     High switch-on capacity: 20,000 or > 50,000 µF
  •     Comprehensive range of approvals
  •     Active current limitation (option)
  •     Communication: RS-232 or DI/DO


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