Bluetooth adapter for data exchange with mobile terminal devices

The new Bluetooth adapter from Phoenix Contact enables data exchange between Interface products and mobile terminal devices.

Wireless connections therefore enable more convenient control and regulation processes in industrial applications.

The adapter is available as an accessory for Mini Analog Pro, Mini Analog, PLC logic, and Interface System Gateways products. Depending on the device type, it is either connected via the µUSB or S-PORT interface. If a PC or laptop is used for configuration, the accompanying PC adapter should also be used to ensure error-free communication. It is connected to a free USB connection on the PC. A corresponding driver is included in the software solutions of the devices to be programmed.

Free apps are also available for the Mini Analog Pro and PLC logic product ranges, which can be downloaded from the respective stores for Android and iOS. They can be used to parameterize and monitor the devices. Users can request process values quickly and easily from operational systems and access the application directly.


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