RECOM Power offers its low-leakage-current medical grade AC/DC and DC/DC converters

Today’s medical applications have tough requirements, and RECOM’s low-leakage converters have been specifically designed to meet them without question. This is reflected in their two basic aspects of excellence: first, both the REM and the RACM series feature a high margin of safety, including reinforced isolation, two means of patient protection (or 2xMOPP), and sufficient creepage and clearance distances; second, both series come fully tested and are complete drop-in products.

Due to the sensitive, high-risk nature of medical applications, the corresponding equipment used in such applications must be held to very high standards of safety and reliability. RECOM’s modular REM and RACM series converters offer complete, certified solutions that reduce design time and thereby provide faster time to market.

Features and Benefits        
  •     CB, UL, EN 6060-1 3rd Edition certified
  •     No additional components needed for normal operation
  •     Built-in EN 55022 Class A filter
  •     Medical equipment
  •     Monitoring systems
  •     Therapy systems


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