Crimping pliers with maximum user convenience

The Crimpfox Centrus self-adjusting crimping pliers for ferrules from Phoenix Contact allow you to work more efficiently and more ergonomically.

The ergonomic design and improved mechanism of the pliers ensure consistently reliable crimping of ferrules.

These compact crimping pliers with their particularly small grip width sit comfortably in your hand to maximize user comfort. Thanks to a new design concept, the manual force needed for optimal crimping results has been reduced by up to 30 percent. In addition, the restoring forces which occur when the pliers are opened have also been considerably reduced.

The product range consists of two sizes, each with a square or hexagonal crimping shape, which cover a cross section range of 0.14 to 6 mm² or 0.14 to 10 mm². An added benefit is the sturdy crimping head guard which protects the tool from mechanical influences and from being damaged if it is dropped. The crimping pliers make it easier to crimp insulated, uninsulated, and TWIN ferrules across all applications and represent an increase in comfort, efficiency, and quality.


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