H18 SureSense Photoelectric Sensors for a Wide Range of Sensing Applications

SICK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, encoders and automatic identification solutions for factory, logistics, and process automation, today announced the launch of the H18 SureSense family of photoelectric sensors for reliable detection in a wide range of sensing applications.

For optimal performance at all times, the sensors’ signal strength light bar immediately alerts the user when maintenance or alignment is an issue. In addition, SureSense sensors are constructed with SICK’s proprietary VISTAL™ “tough as steel” housing. The sensor family also includes variants that are rated IP 69K to stand up to the most punishing environments, reducing replacement costs and downtime. With a wide variety of standard options to choose from, SureSense sensors can be configured to meet each application’s needs.

The SureSense family allows users to standardize on a single sensor family to detect all object types, from basic to advanced applications. Featuring the industry’s best background suppression technology, SureSense sensors can reliably detect nearly any object in any environment, ensuring machines and lines stay up and running at full capacity.


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