New valve delivers high flow, low pressure

Small footprint, low energy consumption, long life and high accuracy make the new Flatprop EQP miniature proportional valve from Norgren a problem-solver for OEMs of any portable ventilators and anesthesia equipment. The new valve matches the footprint of Norgren’s proven Flatprop EQI valve but delivers over 40 percent more flow.

With low power consumption of just 2.5W, Flatprop EQP delivers 186 liters per minute of oxygen at an inlet pressure of 2.0 bar (30 psig). Frictionless operation ensures unrivalled accuracy and repeatability with minimal hysteresis. The Flatprop EQP is validated to operate reliably in excess of one million cycles.

Rob Howard, sales and marketing director at Norgren FAS, explained, “The FlatProp EQP was developed in response to demand for lower inlet operating pressures or 'wall pressure' available in global hospitals and clinics. FlatProp EQP meets the OEM requirement for 100 per cent oxygen at the lowest inlet pressure for adult patients"


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