XZxx55W-A2RT Reverse-Mount LED with Inner Dome Lens

Designed as a next generation alternative to traditional sub-miniature type LEDs, SunLED’s XZxx55W-A2RT reverse-mount LED series eliminates the typical yoke lead or Z-bend leads to provide engineers with a true chip-type, surface-mount LED. This ensures a seamless production by alleviating any potential reflow issues inherently present in sub-miniature type LEDs where the leads may lift and solder unevenly.

The construction of the inner dome lens provides optimal optical characteristics that truly make this LED series a versatile solution for any application demanding uniform light spread and high-intensity output. Having a viewing angle of 70° ensures that the light emission is narrow enough to be paired efficiently with light pipe applications, while being wide enough to provide ample coverage for backlighting of icons and text as well as indication visibility. This series is available in a full spectrum of standard colors.

  • High intensity and efficiency
  • Low current: 20 mA operation
  • Reverse-mount version of industry-standard 1206 footprint
  • Inner dome lens style
  • SMD moisture sensitivity level (MSL): 3
  • Versatile viewing angle of 70°
  • Cost competitive
  • Available colors: red, yellow, green, true green, and blue
  • Home automations
  • Networking and telecommunications
  • Mobile devices and handheld products
  • Icon and text backlighting
  • Consumer electronics
  • Instrumentation
  • Fitness wearables
  • Safety and security
  • Audio and video
  • Medical and healthcare


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