APEM offers its 16 mm secret-until-lit LED indicators with black polycarbonate inserts

APEM, Inc. brings additional options to the Q series indicator range, the 16 mm secret-until-lit LED indicator. The Q16 secret-until-lit LED indicators feature a black polycarbonate insert that gives the user the ability to hide a specific custom legend until the indicator illumination is turned "ON." The polycarbonate insert is reverse-side silkscreen printed, allowing for any custom symbol the user requires. This Q16 option also includes a standard rear epoxy-sealed bezel for IP67 protection from harsh environments and rugged outdoor applications.

List of Options        
  • Multiple legends
  • Different LED options including hyper brights, super brights, Bicolor, and Tricolor
  • Multiple terminal options: fastons, wire leads, solder lugs, or PC pins
  • Several voltage options including DC and AC options
  • Bezel finishes: bright chrome, black chrome, satin gray, plastic, or gold
  • Bezel styles: prominent and flush
  • Types of illumination: fixed, flashing, Bicolor, and Tricolor


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