Molex offers the DDR4 miniDIMM vertical, SMT socket with and without center fork lock

Achieve ultimate PCB space-savings in enterprise computing and networking memory applications with the industry’s first compact DDR4 miniDIMM Socket from Molex.

The JEDEC standard 0.60 mm pitch sockets are used in small form-factor PCs and small form-factor servers including 1U and blade servers as well as high reliability routers for networking. Molex has also added angled and right angle versions in standard and reverse configurations to its existing range of vertical MiniDIMM sockets.

Molex anticipates the MiniDIMM module to be widely adopted, especially in applications requiring ECC in high reliability equipment. Similar modules can also be used in vertical and angled connectors using DIMM-style latching for PCs and servers.

Features and Benefits      
  • Small form-factor design (approximately 2/3 smaller than standard DDR4 DIMM sockets)
  • Metal grips on housing towers (patent pending)
  • Latches that can withstand at least 25 mating cycles
  • Profiled contacts with high normal force
  • Designed to withstand two reflow cycles
  • Pick-and-place cap option
  • Maximizes space savings for tight-spaced memory applications
  • Reduce shock or vibration to mounted memory module during transit
  • Offers high durability in mission-critical applications
  • Provides excellent contact reliability
  • Ensures optimal performance under heat
  • For automated processing
  • Data/Computing
  • High-end computing
  • Personal computers
  • RAID/Storage
  • Telecommunications/Networking
  • Infrastructure
  • Networking


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