Comat CMD Series Mono Function Timing Relay

The TF-60 time setting methode permits short verification of long delay time settings. Elapsing times of hours can be monitored in the sec. range.

Example for a delay time of 38 h:

1. Set range switch to 60sec
2. Set 38 sec on the potentiometer (e.g. check 38 sec by chronometer)
3. Set range switch to 60h
The delay time is now to 38 h.

The CMD is a cost-efficient timing relay supporting timing functions such as on-delay or off-delay and five time ranges from 50 ms to 60 minutes. It comes with an 8 A change-over contact and with four separate supplies (UC12V, UC24V, AC115V und AC230V). The output state is displayed by LED. The relay may be manually operated and blocked by ON/OFF switch.

Timing Relay CMD

• 17 mm case system
• Relay contact 8 A
• On delay or off delay timing function
• 5 time ranges from 50 ms to 60 min
• Service function ON/OFF
• LED input and output status display


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