TURCK PROFIBUS Bus Tee Design Change

Turck is announcing a design change to our PROFIBUS-DP eurofast bus tee. The functionality remains the same, however the size and shape are new. Similar to the old design, the new tee is fully shielded. The new design has a slightly smaller footprint and features a mounting hole in the center of the tee, which allows for easy install and grounding. In addition, the coupling nuts are designed with a hex/knurl feature.

As part of this change, the following part numbers are being phased out:
  • RKSW 2RSSW 45
  • RKSW 2RSSW 45-0001
  • RKSW 2RSSW 45/S3114
Once remaining stock of these items is consumed, they will be obsolete and no longer available. The part description for the new tee is RKSW 2RSSW 45/ CM, where 'CM' indicates the center mounting hole. New units are expected to be phased in between December and February and pricing will remain the same.

To see the source drawing for the new tee, please click below to download the pdf version. Also, please feel free to share the attached PDF with any customers you would like.


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