Terminator™ II TMCX Series Armoured Barrier and Non-armoured Barrier Gland

The Terminator™ II TMCX Cable Gland is an armoured barrier, non-armoured barrier and TECK armoured gland used to terminate cable in hazardous locations.  Its unique design features, coupled with our new fast curing Chico® LiquidSeal compound, make the Terminator II TMCX Cable Glands the easiest and safest solution available.  Now available with size zero glands for application in tight spaces!
  •     Designed to minimize the opportunity for incorrect assembly
  •     Simple selection process and field preparation aids to ensure the right gland is selected every time
  •     Full coverage of all popular cables and hub sizes, ensuring a perfect seal in all instances
  •     Use of nickel-plated brass and stainless steel to increase corrosion resistance and maintain integrity in the harshest environments
  •     Chico® LiquidSeal, an innovative liquid compound with fast gel and cure times, reduces waiting times
  •     Complete with integral dam to facilitate liquid pour
  •     Integral union design reduces the number of times the gland has to be assembled and disassembled during installation
  •     Mating components have generous lead-ins to ensure that assembly is as trouble-free as possible, even with the heaviest cables
  •     Use of neoprene seal allows use in temperatures from -40°C to +60°C; for specific temperature information, please contact your local sales representative
  •     Metric size threads allow interfacing to European machinery


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