Power-One Launches New 3000W Platinum Front End Power Supply

Power-One, a member of the ABB group, is a global manufacturer of renewable energy and energy-efficient power conversion and management solutions introduces the PFE3000, a 3000W front-end AC-DC power supply. This product provides a 12VDC output with a stand-by output of 12V. With the lowest direct and indirect running costs and enhanced reliability, it is the highest power density, greenest server power supply in the 69mm form factor.

The PFE3000 can be used in data centers, servers, and storage equipment, providing them with reliable power at the world’s best efficiency. Higher efficiency means less energy wasted within the product and less energy used in cooling infrastructure. Products which incorporate energy-efficient power supplies like the PFE3000 often qualify for rebates from energy utilities, thus offering a savings from day one.

Additional features include a wide input voltage range of 90-300VAC alternatively, DC I/P of 192-400VDC, hot-plug capable, and ultra-high density design of 30.5W/in³.   The ultra-flat conversion efficiency (>90% efficiency at 5% load) guarantees optimal operation over the whole load range and efficiency peaks at more than 95% at 230Vac.  The PFE3000 also features highly accurate real-time monitoring of input and output parameters, voltages, currents, temperatures, and true power readings.  This enables data center managers to optimize server usage to reduce load power, further increasing the energy gains beyond those of the power supply itself. A GUI interface and a demo PCB are also available to assist with technical evaluation.


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