Power Cable Assembly for Open Rack V2

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity, today announced its power interconnect cable assembly for Open Rack V2, a new connectivity solution designed to power Open Compute Project (OCP) version 2-compliant data center infrastructure. The OCP is developing standard compute, storage, and data center hardware designs that manufacturers can use to build highly compatible and scalable products with minimal development costs. Leveraging its decades of engineering experience and the responsiveness and agility that come from offering one of the industry’s largest connector portfolios, TE is taking the lead in providing power solutions for the OCP community.

TE’s bus bar clip and cable assembly is the leading power solution for OCP and is the only solution fully compatible with Open Rack V1 specification and forward compatible with Open Rack V2 specifications. The power interconnect cable assembly solution incorporates TE’s reliable CROWN CLIP Jr. bus bar connectivity and MULTI-BEAM XLE power connectivity products.

Designed to provide a plug-and-play solution, the power interconnect cable assembly for Open Rack V2 eliminates the power distribution printed circuit board (PCB) and reduces the number of bus bars in a rack from three to one, saving costs and streamlining the power distribution infrastructure. TE’s power interconnect solutions were designed as a standardized platform for OCP with a simple yet customizable design. The solutions exceed the specification for OCP version 2, ensuring their broad market application for all OCP-designed data centers.

“With OCP, our goal is to contribute our power and data connectivity expertise to the community by offering the leading comprehensive data center design reference,” said Eric Himelright, vice president of product management at TE Connectivity’s Data and Devices division. “Our bus bar clip and cable assemblies deliver the only fully-compatible power connectivity solution for OCP designs while driving greater simplicity and ease of assembly.”

TE’s bus bar clip and cable assemblies distribute 120A of power with low resistance and low millivolt drop, providing a more efficient power distribution solution for low energy consumption and operational cost savings. Specifically, TE’s CROWN CLIP Jr. connectors are designed to connect with a system rack bus bar and allow direct hot pluggable connection to an un-insulated bus bar. TE’s MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors feature a hot-pluggable three-beam contact system made from a new thicker and higher conductivity material. While the power interconnect cable assembly for Open Rack V2 is a standardized part, TE has numerous cable assembly configurations available to meet unique design requirements above and beyond the standardized platform.


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