Parker Transair® Brings Next Evolution in Compressed Air Piping Systems with SCOUTTM Cloud-based Wireless Sensor , Condition Monitoring Technology

Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technology, is bringing customers in the power generation industry the next evolution in compressed air piping allowing end users to remote-monitor their compressed air piping systems critical functions and keep productivity flowing.

Parker Transair utilizes new SCOUT Wireless Sensor Technology to monitor compressed air piping systems, alert the end user to system changes, and provide critical data on five key performance metrics (pressure, power, temperature, humidity, and flow) to help reduce downtime and increase productivity. A user-friendly cloud-based wireless interface makes it easy for users to view and analyze data to ensure the system is running at optimum levels.

“Being able to accurately monitor this data is critical for end users, because compressed air systems are very complex and tend to grow over time,” says Kyri McDonough, Marketing Services Manager for Parker’s Fluid Systems Connectors Division. “Our state-of-the-art cloud-based wireless solution enables end users to monitor their compressed air system 24 hours a day through a Web-based dashboard, . providing customers with both a quick snapshot and a complete in-depth analysis of the demand,” she added. Fully customizable alerts forewarn plant personnel of any compressed air performance changes, allowing a service technician to address a maintenance issue before it could result in higher maintenance cost and unscheduled downtime. Monitoring this information allows users to identify and address performance issues before they damage expensive equipment. SCOUT helps users keep overall costs down by avoiding unnecessary downtime and prolonging the life of job-critical equipment.

Compressed air systems are playing a vital role in ensuring plant reliability and round-the-clock operation, whether it involves the transportation and distribution of natural gas to the consumer, or the production of electricity via fossil fuel burning, hydroelectric dams or even nuclear fission – all these applications would benefit from a cloud-based remote monitored system.

The SCOUT wireless cloud-based sensor augments Parker’s already widely popular Transair aluminum piping compressed air system. Known for its high performance and effective use in a wide range of industries, Transair’s guaranteed leak-free components and ‘full bore’ design make it ideal for use with compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas systems. Designed to be leak-free and corrosion-resistant, Transair ensures a long life of providing consistently clean, quality air.

“With Parker Transair’s lightweight components and quick-connect interlocking design, labor accounts for just 20% of overall installation costs, saving end users money right out of the gate,” McDonough said. “Pairing a Parker Transair system with SCOUT will further a company’s savings by helping to identify ways to increase air efficiency, decrease maintenance costs, as well as prevent unwanted scrap, thus reducing a plant’s overall costs, ” she added.


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