Parker introduces cost-efficient and energy-saving refrigeration dryer series StarlettePlus-E for effective removal of water vapour from compressed air

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, presents with the new StarlettePlus-E series an efficient solution for the reliable removal of water vapor from compressed air. The new series from Parker Hiross, the expert brand within Parker for cooling & refrigeration, combines quality and efficiency at low operating costs while at the same time offering the smallest carbon footprint currently available. Developed around a state-of-the-art aluminum heat exchanger, the so-called E-Pack (patent pending), the StarlettePlus-E series features an air-to-air and an air-to-refrigerant section, a highly efficient stainless steel demister separator and a moisture collection chamber, resulting in a standard ISO 8573-1 class 4 air quality. The series was designed for industrial and general compressed air applications requiring a pressure dew point as low as 3° C (ISO 8573-1:2010, class 4), a necessity in many manufacturing processes and industries.

Thanks to the highly efficient E-Pack design and the innovative heat exchanger, the refrigerant circuit is noticeably smaller and offers lowest absorbed power (kW) by the fridge compressors in its range. In addition, it uses minimum refrigerant charges which, on average, are 25 % lower than those of comparable dryers. This makes Parker Hiross StarlettePlus-E the solution with the least running costs and the smallest impact on the environment in the market. Additional cost reductions can be achieved with the Energy Save feature which is available as of model 026 and bigger. It will decrease energy consumption during partial load operation by cycling the fridge compressor activity while at the same time cooling the inlet air with the cold reserve stored in the E-Pack mass.

All models are equipped with a digital controller, featuring functionalities which are useful in day-by-day operations of any application: dew point level indication, voltage-free alarm contact, maintenance reminder and integrated time controlled condensate drain. In addition, thanks to its dual frequency design, StarlettePlus-E is ready to operate either in 50Hz or 60Hz environments.

Removable panels and internal component disposition facilitate service inspections and maintenance. For easy access to the drain, a pass-through drain niche is also available on all SPE models. The StarlettePlus-E can either be installed next to or hung on a wall, making it a most flexible solution for many environments. The series is available as of now.


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