NXP Semiconductors offers its BC5/6xPAS family in a DFN2020 package for external linear voltage regulation

These DFN2020 medium-power transistors from NXP are released as a space saving replacement for the standard BCX5/6 and BCP5/6 series in SOT223 and SOT89. With an occupied PCB mounting area of 2.3 mm x 2.1 mm, they are much smaller while improving the power dissipation capabilities on multi-layer PCBs.

The AEC-Q101 qualified DFN2020 package is designed to use the full potential of small silicon dies. It improves the thermal performance by using a maximized collector mounting pad and a low thermal resistance design for an optimized heat transfer and packing density designs asking for high packing density.

Features and Benefits        
  •     VCEO of 20 V to 80 V, IC of 1-2 A; AECQ-101 qualified
  •     Small leadless plastic package using just 2.3 mm x 2.1 mm board space
  •     DFN2020D version with 100% solderable sidepads, suitable for automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  •     Thin lead frame to reduce Rth(j-sp)
  •     Big collector mounting pad directly under the transistor die to remove the heat from the BJT to the PCB
  •     Space saving alternative to BCP5x and BCX5x for ballast transistors and load switches on a multitude of processors or system basis chips based designs
  •     Linear voltage regulators
  •     Load switches
  •     Battery-driven devices
  •     Power management
  •     MOSFET drivers
  •     Amplifiers


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