MOSFET arrays offer innovative control for EH applications

The ALD210800A / ALD210800 precision n-channel MOSFET array features zero-threshold voltage and establishes industry benchmarks for forward transconductance and output conductance, allows each MOSFET to be characterized with different input and output requirements, and reduces the footprint by up to 50%. The matched pair array gives circuit designers the flexibility to develop next-generation energy harvesting systems and low-power mobile devices that were never before possible. Designers can build circuits with multiple cascading stages and build a nanopower input amplifier stage operating at a new industry low of <0.2-V supply voltage. The MOSFETs can help reduce the number of batteries for mobile devices, improve energy efficiency and battery life in medical devices, and extend the operating range for energy harvesting systems.

The matched pair MOSFETs feature a zero gate threshold voltage VGS(th) set precisely at +0.00 V ±0.01 V, and VOS to 2 mV and 10-mV max. The precision parameters of the device enable <100-mV min. operating voltage, <1-nA min. operating current, and <1-nW min. operating power. The MOSFETs target a range of analog applications including current mirrors, matching circuits, current sources, differential amplifier input stages, transmission gates, and multiplexers. They also suit limited operating voltage applications such as very low level voltage-clamps and normally-on nanopower circuits. They can be used for switching and amplifying applications in +0.1V to +10V (±0.05 to ±5 V) powered systems. (Contact company for price and availability.)


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