HCS Series Surface-Mount High Current Shunt Sense Resistors

In the past, surface-mount current-sense resistors have been useful for handling currents of 50 amps or less. These resistors can handle currents up to 129 amps in the 3920 size. The HCS combines an elevated resistive element to lower the induced heat on the PCB with low resistance values down to 0.3 milliohms to achieve this outstanding performance. Compared to similar sized metal plate flat chip resistors, the HCS will operate from 10 to 30°C cooler. In addition, the HCS has low TCR ranging from 50 ppm to 150 ppm for high accuracy even at high temperatures. The HCS is designed to handle and operate at high temperatures; it is rated for full power up to 100°C and can operate safely at reduced power up to 170°C.

The HCS is good for all types of high-power supplies and power modules, electric motor controls, fuel-powered engine controls, DC to DC converters in switching power supplies, frequency converters, voltage regulators, portable power management, and battery monitoring.

  •     3 W - 2512 chip size
  •     5 W - 3920 chip size
  •     0.3, 0.5, and 1 milliohm resistance values
  •     1% and 5% tolerances
  •     TCR as low as 50 ppm/°C
  •     High temperature operation up to 100°C under full power


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